PhotoKinetics Inc. (PK) was founded in Sept. 2010 to develop commercial applications and products based on the selective blockage or modification of light that is detected by ipRGC cells in the eye. Intrinsically-photosensitive Retinal Ganglion Cells (ipRGC) are suspected or known to modulate a number of vital physiological functions including sleep and vigilance, migraine headache, photo retinitis, photosensitivity, and a number of photophobias. PK’s proprietary technology can be applied in a number of ways to benefit human health, learning, and well-being; and has the potential to non-invasively reduce the cost, side effects, and usage of conventional pharmacological agents.

To complement its internal development programs, PK has exclusively licensed patented technology from universities that can be applied to custom-controlled lighting, computer screens, windows, and eyeglasses to meet specific requirements of a targeted human need or activity.

PK’s technology enables users to be protected from deleterious photo-entrainment or other undesirable health effects associated with inappropriate stimulation of the ipRGC pathway.